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The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of IIT-Roorkee, commonly known as EDC, has been established with the objective of creating, fostering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of the campus.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make IIT Roorkee a favourable avenue for upcoming student entrepreneurs, with the number of student enterprises increasing with each passing year.

Our Team

We are a team of enthusiasts dedicated towards building a strong foundation of entrepreneurial culture at IIT Roorkee. We wish to encourage students to take up entrepreneurship as a lifestyle and to guide them while they redefine the very meaning of success.



TED conferences are globally renowned for their highly ...

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IGNITE is a global community devoted to innovation...

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Techno Startup Showcase

Techno Startup Showcase is a consortium to...

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Each semester, EDC organizes a webinar series comprising ...

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Jugaad is the flagship B-Plan competition of EDC-IITR, exclusively...

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Business Baazigar

Business Baazigar aims at providing budding campus entrepreneurs...

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Experience Entrepreneurship like never...

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Elevator Pitch

Teams are required to impress the potential investors in...

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Endeavour Enterpreneurship

Endeavour entrepreneurship is a workshop comprising of a series of sessions on the various verticals indispensable for getting a start-up launched. The attendees are trained in the fields of finance and marketing which are inevitable for capturing the target market and raising seed funds, thus mentoring them to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.


E-Club is an initiative that aims to congregate the campus entrepreneurs to bring to light their concerns as well as find solutions through collaboration. E-club is an open forum where the PROBLEMS ARE OVERCOME through active participation and discussions between the entrepreneurs and various other members of E-club.

Prerna Yatra

Inspired by the Tata Jagriti Yatra, Prerna Yatra is an entrepreneurial journey organized by EDC IITR, where a group of 40+ enthusiasts travel together to seek inspiration from various social entrepreneurs along the way. The journey is an enriching experience for the fellow travellers, who learn a lot through their interaction with the entrepreneurs and also with each other.

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Startup Internship Program is an initiative taken by EDC, IIT Roorkee in an attempt to bridge the gap between students and the startup ecosystem. SIP provides a platform to students of IIT Roorkee to avail internships in various startups across the country, giving them an opportunity to groom themselves, and in return, provides startups a chance to tap into the boundless potential in IIT Roorkee students.

Startups at IITR is an online database of startups of students and alumni of IIT Roorkee (Formerly, University of Roorkee). The website enlists the startups into 4 stages based on their revenue. Stage 0 being the nascent stage.

Student Entrepreneur

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EDC goes recruiting.
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Prerna Yatra 2015.
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EDC Recruitments 2015

EDC Recruitments have begun. To send in your entries for the first round, to fill your form click here

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